Fresh Breeze X Wing Evo



The new wing for the XCitor is the X- Wing EVO.

With only 28 square meters, it is very agile and dynamic, but above all: Maximum safe. The X-Wing Evo is the evolution of our popular and famous Xwing. This wing was especially developed for the trike and with its flexible suspension offers a never reached comfortableness in all situations. 

The Flexible Suspension:
while starting an optimal pull up of the wing is ensured by shortening the A-lines. In flight, the movement of the wing is not passes 1:1 to the trike. This reduces the motion of the trike and provide a 

Innovative construction techniques and durable materials are used for the XWING EVO. A new designed leading edge with flexible plastic strips complete off the super easy start behavior. The basic setting of the EVO is designed for high flight stability of all axes with precise curve handling. 

The Pilot is able to adapt immediately the preciseness and smoothness of the wing. The roll damping is tuned perfectly. On landing, the EVO surprises with its simplicity. Through effective editing and processing techniques the Evo is more efficient than its predecessor in consumption.