Fresh Breeze Simononi SportiX

The Simo has been around for more that 10 years, and still a popular engine choice for many pilots, because of it reliability & power. Fresh Breeze make many modifications to this engine to improve the engines running, making the engine run smoother and quieter.


  • Weight 27kgs

  • Engine 20hp

  • Engine   200cc

  • Fuel economy 3-6 ltrs/hr

  • Lightweight cage system.

  • Suitable for trike and tandem.

  • Modified exhaust to protect the exhaust from cracking.

  • Fitted with the choice of a Bing or Walbro carb.

  • Tried & test engine.. Extremely reliable.

  • Electric starter.

  • 12 v power system to power gadgets or gloves.

  • DULV certified.