Fresh Breeze Flyke Trike

The Fresh Breeze Flyke the world's first flying bike!

Fresh Breeze developed the Flyke back in the 90's, and it has been a big favourite to XC pilots around Europe.The trike allows the pilot to pedal freely on the road and have easy access to gas stations without the inconvenience of removing  the fuel tank. Once you have flown a Flyke you will never look at aviation in the same way!


  • Weight 27kgs ( without engine).

  • Options to fit,POLINI 200,POLINI 190, MONSTER, Simonini.

  • Rear suspension for soft landing.

  • Road legal trike.

  • Comfortable seat for long flights.

  • A-line assist system.

  • Dissembles in a short time.

  • Plenty of storage space to store camping equipment.

  • Continuous 12v power from engine to supply electronics.​

Electric Flyke add-on:


  • Easy to install.

  • Approx 50km range.

  •  / Off & 5-stage power adjustment

  • Weight 1.2 kg

  • High-performance lithium cells Integrated safety electronics (

  • BMS) 22.2 volts 7.2 Ah or 9.0 Ah 160 Wh or 200 Wh

  • Integrated charge gauge in the bottom of the bottle



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