Fresh Breeze X-One Trike

The Fresh Breeze X-One. The all round trike for the ultimate aerial adventure.This is the latest single seated trike in our range, offering comfort & flying fun.  


  • Weight 37kgs ( without engine).

  • Options to fit 5 types of engines.

  • Full all round suspension.

  • Massive 28ltr fuel tank giving up to 9hrs flight time (with 4T engine).

  • Choice of 3 types of wheels for all terrain airfields.

  • Fitted flight deck.

  • Comfortable seat for long flights.

  • A-line assist system.

  • Foot or hand throttle controls fitted.

  • Tow bar attachment, to all to attack to a vechile.

  • DULV certified.

  • Choice of a 1.4 or 1.75m prop.

28ltr tank and rear suspension as standard on the X-ONE.  

Optional extra for towing behind vechicle