Fresh Breeze Thorix 190 SportiX

The Engine is light weight but produces big power.

In order to reduce the weight Polini have fitted a belt transmission making it much lighter. 

The engine weight without harness just 23 kg. It is therefore ideal as a foot launch system or powerful enough to be fitted to one of our trike.


  • Weight from 22.5kgs with lightweight harness.

  • Engine 27hp

  • Engine   190cc

  • Fuel economy 4.5-6ltrs/hr

  • Lightweight cage system.

  • Compact design.

  • Flash Starter.

  • Static Thrust 75kgs.

  • Fitter with " Helmholtz tub" for smooth and stabilized running.

  • Modified exhaust to protect the exhaust from cracking.

  • Suitable fot Fresh Breeze trikes.

  • Suitable from Tandem.

Lightweight engine with

a flywheel pully for explosive power!!